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Geographically, Suwalszczyzna (the Suwałki subregion) is part of the Lithuanian Lakeland, on the Lithuanian side it is called Suvalkija. Its climate is heavily influenced by Arctic and continental winds. And it is due to the impact of the cold winds that the region ranks among the coldest areas of Poland. Winter lasts here from 100 to 120 days, summer is usually short and hot. 

The Suwałki land is one of the most picturesque regions of Poland, nature assorted here an exceptional variety of land surface forms. The area of the region rises gradually from ca. 120m in the south to ca. 300m above sea level in the north, e.g. Szeskie Hills are 309m above sea level. The terminal moraines in the form of high hills, deep glacial gulleys, steep-sloped eskers, hills of varying size and shape, the largest in Poland accumulation of erratic boulders, a hanging river valley and kettle lakes are some of the unique features of the post-glacial landscape of the Suwałki poviat. The landscape that is protected by the located in its middle, Suwałki Landscape Park (the oldest of park of that type in Poland, established in 1976). 

A particular asset of the Suwałki land are its water reservoirs: from charming springs to the rivers, including the three emblematic rivers of the district: Rospuda, Szeszupa and Czarna Hańcza, to its numerous lakes. The small region boasts 111 crystal clear lakes (on average over 1ha each) of the total area of 6,602ha which create an unusually varied and attractive landscape and nature complexes, e.g. the lake complexes of Filipów, Kleszczowickie, Bakałarzewo and Szurpiły. Worth mentioning are the so called ribbon lakes, elongated lakes of steep and varied shoreline, e.g. Lake Hańcza, Rospuda, or Bolesty. The lakes of the Suwalszczyzna differ not only in size and shape abut also in their trophic state (nutrient content) - there are here: eutrophic, mesotrophic and dystrophic lakes. 

The Suwałki Lakeland is, first of all, most often associated with the deepest and at the same time the cleanest lake of the European Lowland: Lake Hańcza(108.5m deep) situated in the Suwałki Landscape Park, and the largest lake of the region: Lake Wigry (2098.66ha). This precious natural and landscape feature together with the post-Camaldolese monastery complex in Wigry is situated in the south-eastern part of the poviat, within the Wigry National Park. Other large lakes are Szelment Wielki, Rospuda, Wiżajny or Pierty. 

A place worth paying a visit is the Rospuda River Valley. ?Rospuda Valley? - 25,250 ha of protected scenery, stretches along the western boundary of the Suwałki Poviat.