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Presentation of some of the ventures of the Suwałki Poviat realized with the financial assistance of the European Union. 

The Cross Border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland 2007-2013, Small Projects Fund

  1. A project supporting enterpreneurship:  ?Supporting economic cooperation on the borderlands by exchange of experiences in the development of enterpreneurship in the Yurbork Region and Poviat of Suwałki? (2010) 
  2. A project supporting development of tourism: ?Marking of Tourist Objects in the Euroregion? (2010) 
  3. A project on historic monuments protection: ?Conservation and Restoration of the 19th Century Historic Monuments in the Polish-Lithuanian borderlands - stage I? (2010)

Human Capital Operational Programme, IROP

1. A project supporting enterpreneurship:  ?For a Good Start of Your Buisiness? realized with the Managing Authority of the HCOP, (2009 ? 2011).
2. A project directed to the students of the secondary technical school in Dowspuda: ?Professional jump forward? realized in 2009-2011 realized with the Managing Authority of the HCOP.  
3. In 2006-2007, the Poviat of Suwałki realized a number of projects providing funds for scholarships for students and pupils attending local schools. 

Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodship

  1. An investment project: ?Development and Rebuilding of the School Buildings and Heat Distribution network of the Gen. Ludwik Michał Pac School Complex in Dowspuda? realized in 2008-2010.

Rural Areas Development Programm, Oś Leader  

  1. 2007 - drawing up of the documentation for the tourist product ?Rospuda Valley? and the feasibility study and organization of the ?Poviat Harvest Festival.?
  2. 2010 - ?Rescue from Oblivion - Promotion of the Idea and Heritage of Gen. Count L. M. Pac.? 

Phare Fund 

  1. A training project: ?Activation of the Local Governments and Social Environments of the Suwalszczyzna for Acquisition of Funds for Local Development? ( 2004/2005). 
  2. A project in tourism and international co-operation: ?Through Nature and Culture towards Development of Tourism and International Cooperation? (2004/2005)
  3.  The project: ?Provision of Radio Communication and Improvement of Information Management of the Emergency Management Centre in Suwałki (2005). 
  4. Re-building of the district road no. 1130B, Rutka-Tartak - Poszeszupie - Ejszeryszki (2005).
  5. A project intensifying international co-operation of the Poviat:  ?Polish-German Week in Euroregion Niemen - European Partnership? (2002/2003).